Boating Tips

Spring into Boating checklist
  • Recharge batteries
  • Paint hull bottom (in water requiring antifoulant)
  • Check naviagtional ights
  • Inventory safety equipment
  • Replace Zincs
  • Clean boat (apply a good paste wax)
  • *Add fresh gas and re-energizer
  • Start engine (tune up if needed)
  • Install propeller
  • Change engine oil
  • Install plug(s)!!! *Gas today contains many additives which lose their properties and lower the octane rating of the gasoline over time. Gas from last season may not be adequate for your marine engine. Adding fresh fuel to what is in your tank will help. We also recommend some of the gas additives that increase the octane and replace some of the missing additives. During the season older boats (and some newer) could benefit from on of the additives that replace the lead missing from today's gasoline at the pump.
    ***Summer Tips Coming Soon!!!***

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