Guide to Starting Your Own Web Site

Thousands of new Web Sites go on-line every single day. This guide is to give you direction on what it takes. We in no way intend to provide every detail. This is an excerpt from a series of magazine articles I wrote a couple of years ago and recently updated. There are a number of excellent books if you wish to delve further.
We have been designing web sites since 1993 and include some important tricks. You should read through all of the text provided here. There are a number of things you will only read here but will save you large amounts of money and increase your chances of success.
Whether you want to create a small personal site or a large commercial site the steps are the same. It is the scale that will change. In brief the steps are:

  • 1) Register Domain Name
  • 2) Choose a Host
  • 3) Site Planning & Design
  • 4) Attract Visitors

    These Four Steps are provided here on the Left menu. Good Luck!

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