Greg & Kathy Brent

  Greg is originally from Yorktown Heights, New York.  Kathy is from Varysburg.  They both met while students at Alfred State College located in Alfred (who the heck was that Alfred guy anyway?), NY.  Greg currently works at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester.  Kathy cuts hair for dead people (they're already dead) and some who are still breathing.
  They live in a cozy house in a quiet neighborhood next to a cemetary (no wonder its quiet). Greg is currently building new kitchen cabinets from scratch.
  There was a  new addition to the household on 19 March 1998 by the name of Heather Rose Joyce.   Named after Greg's sister Heather, the flower Rose because they liked them and Joyce for Dr. Joyce Brothers.   

Look for the video version of their life coming to stores for Christmas............

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