The Real Paul Newman

An autobiography (and more than you really want to know)

I currently live in Kannapolis, North Carolina (Yes the birthplace of Earnhardt) but grew up in Westchester County, New York which is about 50 miles north of the big city. I have also lived in Arizona, Florida and the Los Angeles area of California. So my travels go like this: Peekskill, NY; Cape Coral, FL; Phoneix, AZ; Woodland Hills, CA; Peekskill, NY; Kannapolis, NC.

My Father currently lives in Cape Coral, FL, coming originally from the Bronx, NY via Peekskill, NY. My Mother passed away 1 December 2005 and I miss her more than I can describe. My father owned several small busines including Paraco Bottled Gas & Fuel Oil which he started in 1947; Paralume Awnings; Hudson River Boat Sales & took over his father's business of Paramount Shade & Awnings. He also built a number of houses around the Peekskill/Town of Cotlandt area.

I work as a consultant on large enterprise networks. My specialities are Netware, Linux, UNIX, Windows NT/2000, Routers and infrastructure design, project management and in standardization of systems. Should you have any technical questions I would love to answer them via E-mail at  If you really want, you can read my resume. I have been in the computer industry for over 15 years working on everything from small systems of five users to large banks, hospitals with over a 100,000 users. I do want to say that while i have had these labels applied to myself, there is no such thing as a computer genius, expert, guru, wizard or anything else. One thing I learned some years ago is that in the computer field, there are no experts. Nobody knows it all as there is always too much to learn. Anyone who calls themself one probably knows very little.

My hobbies include: (sports/race & antique) cars, car racing, boating, fishing, collecting records (have over two thousand), hiking, traveling (love tourist traps like South of the Border!), writing poetry and music. My involvement with music goes to when I was five years old and started learning piano very badly. I played cello in school and since then I also play guitar, bass and percussion and played in bands for quite some time.  When I feel inspired (currently no one to inspire me), I write songs. I have written to date about 300 songs. Some are good, some should be burned. I own several cars, a BMW R65 motorcycle and a (24' power) boat.

I have raced on and off the past six years mainly with the American Race Truck Series, and Pure stocks at Concord Motor Sport Park. I plan on racing in the Street Stock division at Hickory Motor Speedway an Tri-County Speedway in the coming season. Have also worked as part of a race team in the pits as well as a spotter. In case you are wondering (#1 question) I tend to stick to the speed limit on the public roads. Its not really about going fast for me anyway. I really enjoy working on the car and getting the car to go faster. Not fast, but faster.

I enjoy ALL kinds of music from Classical, Jazz, Folk to Rock, Heavy metal, Country and Reggae. I also consider myself well versed on music trivia and history. Try me!  I am a Science Fiction fan involving Doctor Who (have nearly every episode of thirty seasons on tape), Blakes 7, Red Dwarf and to a lesser extent Star Trek although I rarely watch television these days except mainly the history channel. I should mention I never really got into Star Wars so that may say something about me.

As you notice above, I say that I am the real Paul Newman. I am not saying there are fakes out there, but I am as Real as they get. I was given this name after a relative of my mother's and not after anyone else.

I am currently single. Lost my best friend just a couple of years ago. His name was Cat and was over twenty two years old. (did i mention he was a cat) He is now at the Aspen Hill Pet Memorial Park. Together we traveled across the country several times by motorcycle, car, truck and airplane.  He didn't really like the motorcycle. I think it was the bungee cords. Now for anyone who questions having a cat for a best friend, I suggest they look up the definition in the Dictionary.
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