The Real Paul Newman 's CNE test

Okay hot stuff. You are already or soon will be a CNE. Or maybe you think you know it all already. This test I have given to CNE's the past few years to determine what they know besides the Novell/Microsoft sponsored information. While there is some network related questions the majority are things you need to know to do your job but are not part of any CNE/MSCE class. This is not my complete test but when I have time I will put the rest on-line.

Go ahead set your clock for ten minutes and start the test. If you need more than that, you don't pass regardless of how many answers you get right. It is not only important to know the information but also be able to think quickly when situations arise on the network. Some may have more than one answer but be sure to pick the closest answer only.

1) What disk utility does Microsoft bundle with MS DOS 6 to repair FAT errors?





2) Where are the Print Queues physically located on a Netware 3.1x file server?

____________________________ (Sorry no multiple choice here)

3) Your Netware server keeps locking up during backup operations which are done at night across the network. All connections are dropped and no one can Login. There are two Set parameters that will alleviate this problem. Name these two parameters and what they should be set to.



4) How many total physical connections are allowed on a 10BaseT network?

A) 128
B) 256
C) 512
D) 1024

5) Which of the following is true:

A) Windows NT 4.0 can read a Fat 32 partiion
B) Windows 98 can read an NTFS partition
C) Both A & B
D) Neither  A or B

6) Which of the following is False:

A) Windows 98 supports USB printers
B) Windows NT supports USB printers
C) Windows XP support USB printers
D) All versions of Windows supports USB printers
E) None of these versions of Windows support USB printers

7) DNS is used to:

A) Provide the connection to the Internet
B) Changes names to IP numbers
C) Identifies valid places on the Internet
D) Locate a web server

8) Which is a true statment:

A) An Extended partition can be used to boot Windows
B) An Extended partition can not be used to boot Windows
C) An Extended partition can only be used to boot Windows NT

9) The primary controller for IDE drives uses:

A) IRQ 5
B) IRQ 10
C) IRQ 14
D) IRQ 15

10) RAID is an acronym for what:


More to come!!
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