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You can never drive fast enough for the person in back of you.

The person driving in front of you is always going too slow.

There are always people in front of you at the supermarket express checkout with more than the 10 items who should go to another cashier.

If you have 11 or 12 items it is close enough to be in the 10 item or less express checkout and 20 cans of dog or cat food only counts as one item.

People seem to feel that the world owes them everything.

You deserve more money at your job, your friends all owe you favors and your family owes you for not helping you when you really needed it growing up.

You can't understand how people can watch so many hours of television like it is the only thing they do in life.

You only watch the news. Plus Oprah in the afternoon, two games shows and either a movie of the week or your favorite comedy/dramas at night and followed by repeats of sinefield. Maybe also some David Letterman before you go to sleep.

People never really show any appreciation when you help them out or do them a favor. It is like you owed them and they are only into themselves.

You always make sure you Thank them and return the favor to them or do something very special to show how much you appreciate their help. Of course its been a long while since anyone has done anything for you.

Other people are so much into money it makes you sick. Don't they know there is a lot more to life than money.

You are paid too damn little. If only you won the lottery or could get a big raise or a much better paying job your life would be nearly complete.

Everyone else is overpaid for their job. They simply aren't worth what they are getting and don't do their job right..

You deserve to be making at least if not more than all those other people because you are worth it. You do your job better than anyone else.

More Real Fact will come when the Real Paul Newman feels like it.

More Real Facts should come when I send an E-mail message to the Real Paul Newman telling him to.

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