Favorite Links of the Real Paul Newman

 Dr. Who
If you know what the Tardis is, you'll find it at this site.

Homeless in New York
Entire families are homeless. You can make a difference.

The Winston Cup, Busch Grand Nationals and other stock car racing.

For More Auto & Racing related sites go to our racing page!

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)
Hot Rods & Drag Racing. As American as a Chevy with a 454.

Bunny Burkett Race Team
The greatest female drag racer and one of the greats ever. Injured in a major crash in '95, she hope to be making a comeback in '99. Good luck Bunny!

BassPlayer Magazine
I played Bass professionally for several years

New York Clubs, Bands & Music (files)
Webtunes. Lots of Info on New York area music. Who's playing where and when.

Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat's Web page! History, pics & stuff for sale.

Hey, Hey, it's the Monkees
The Monkees are back. Lots of sound files, sheet music & other groovy stuff.

Shawn Colvin at Sony Records
Is she Rock or folk? Just great! Give her a listen at her site.

Steve Forbert
Great music & insightful lyrics. Discology, audio clips, tour schedules.

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
Okay it's in Cleveland. But you can check out the museum.

Hemmings Motor News
The best publication for finding classic & antique cars and parts. Ads on-line.

Linux is the best all-around operating system. And what i use now!

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