Paul's Poet's Corner

To see a flower, or the waves of the sea,
Appreciate all, things around me.
The beauty of when, the orange sun sets,
The beauty of you, the most I've met.
Your hand in mine, the hand of a friend,
This poem I write, to you I send.
Trees of a forest, a mejestic green,
Colors of the rainbow, all the colors I've seen.
A little child, wearing a smile,
One thing that, is always in style.
Your hand in mine, the hand of a friend,
This poem I write, it doesn't end.

A riverboat ride on the Missisipi,
A chilled glass of wine, or a vodka martini.
A warm morning view, or a glorious sunrise,
Two sidewalk singers, as they harmonize.
A beautiful dancer, who moves with such grace,
Things that can bring, a smile to a face.
Waves slowly rolling, onto the beach,,
With a pina collada, to refresh you within reach.
A pretty flower to slip into your hair,
A soft hand to hold, someone who cares.
A quiet green park, to take a stroll,
Things in this life, that will fill the soul.

Like a graceful bird, its wings spread wide,
Flying high, with its friends beside.
Soaring together, among the clouds,
No matter their numbers, its never a crowd.
Above the land or even the sea,
It's just like, my friends and me.
The warm feeling, being with those you Love,
Together, forever, as in heaven above.

Here, in the cold, by myself I stand,
Waiting now, all of my life, with a rose in hand.
All my life, I've carried this, special sincere token,
The fact that I still carry it, shows that I am heartbroken.
Harder is, that all this time, Able am I to feel,
While holding still, this special rose, what is true, consealed.
Knowing other, than this rose, I may never hold,
Brings to this heavy heart, a feeling of ice cold.

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