A radar tower  marks the entrance to the channel towards PYC. Stay within the markers on your way in for the channel.   Channel depth is approximately 4-6 feet.  Entrance is at the north end of the breakwater. If you do not know which slip you will be staying at, procede to the dock located at end of the center (between fixed and floaters) and then check in the clubhouse for your slip.
PYC monitors channel 16 for calls from visitors and boats in distress. The radio is on all year in the clubhouse although there is not always someone there.  You can also try calling when making an approach at (914) 737-9515.

The club has a public phone, ice, outdoor charcoal grill, picnic facilities, shore power & showers.  Gasoline and pump out are for members only, but may be made available in emergency situations. There is a deli, restaurant & Metro North Railroad within walking distance. Groceries, hardware, etc. would require a car or cab ride.

PYC has the following rules for visitors:
1.  PYC welcomes visitors from reciprocating yacht clubs and members with valid card from HRB&YCA. All others are $1/foot and $3/electric. Recirprocal clubs are given priority.
2.  There is limited transient dockage and therefore you should call ahead for space. Ask for the Dockmaster.
3.  Upon arrival contact .
4.  Except in emergencies, visiting yachts are not to be left unattended overnight.
5.  Pets should be kept on-board.
6.  Lifejackets MUST be worn at all times by small children when they are on the docks.
7.  Guests are expected to clean up after themselves.  PYC has no hired help.   A dumpster is
      located next to the clubhouse.

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