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Cars, engines, grease, engine oil and girls (not in that order) are my interests. Working on my house is NOT one of them. If you want to come over and fix a few things (maybe clean the dishes) and I can fry you up something to eat. I fry all my food. Fried fruit loops are my specialty. And I love grease too. Grease is great because:
1) it helps make cars run smoother. 2) it makes food taste better - no matter what you start with. Mystery meat also cooks up well in my fry daddy, fruit loops and gummy bears also taste better with a little grease. 3) Makes me look like I have a tan in the winter.  It's not a tan - it's dirt - just kidding!! A little grease doesn't bother me. But if you stand close enough to me you can hear my arteries clogging.  It's really cool!!
You should see my bathroom and kitchen!  I don't like to do the dishes. But I am environmentally friendly.  I believe in saving all cardboard boxes and cans so that they do not take up room in the garbage dumps of New York. So I'm not the cleanliest of all people. I am a man! The mess doesn't bother me. But if you want to come over and clean for me please be my guest. Help yourself to a can of soda when your done.  This is the one item that can always be found in my fridge.

I also have a boat, two motorcycles and a (3) Ford Broncos that I put a lot of time working on. I found another boat (37' Chris Craft wood) but it has a hole in its side. I am going to buy a Viper one day. Isn't it nice?

Oh yes, one day this will be mine!  By the time I get it, it may be a rusty old car pulled from a junk yard, but I have the time and patience to restore it to brand new.  That's what I like to do.  Why buy new when you can spend all your free time fixing up junk to look like new.  There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment.

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Favorite Links

  1. Webjunk - Lots of great Junk
  2. NASCAR - Winston Cup
  3. NHRA - The only place for drag racing
  4. Hemmings Motor News - To locate cars, parts and accessories for sale
  5. Lebanon Valley Raceway - Directions & schedules of races
  6. Hennessey Motorsports - They modify Vipers for 600+ HP. My dream car
  7. Bikini Beach - Sun, Fun and Bikini Girls
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