Tales from the Steve Side

NOTE: All names have been changed to protect the innocent!

The Couch from Patterson

The story begins when I moved into my house. Now I didn't have much furniture to start but my sister moved in with me (renting a bedroom) because I needed the money. My sister had some furiture and since she was at the time going to mainly be at college I get the best of both worlds. Well, last December my sister did the unthinkable. She graduated from college! She was going to be providing me with rent money after coming back from school but instead decided to stay in Long Island near her boyfriend. How inconsiderate of her. She scraped enough money to get an apartment and then without asking my permission first took all her furniture with her. This left me with only one chair in the living room. I knew I needed a couch. I went to several furniture stores and finally found the couch I really like at a store in Patterson about an hours drive. The price for this couch is over $800 which is a realy good deal these days for couches. Ofcourse I will not pay that much. I went back and asked if I could buy the slightly worn floor model for about $400 which is all I'll pay. They said they won't sell the floor model until the inventory is sold otherwise they would have to ruin another good one and sell it at a loss. They also don't want to sell it for only $400. I am determined to only pay $400. Every few weeks I make the hour trip to Patterson and visit my couch. I look at it, sit on it and check out the sale price that is sometimes posted although it is still more than I will pay. Bye for now as I want to go visit it again.

Trip to Utah that Wasn't

A few years back a friend of mine (we'll call her "B") had a friend of hers (we'll call "C") that was visiting. Now "C" did not have much money and did not want to pay the hotel prices. "B" asked me if her friend could stay with me. At the time I was renting a bedroom in a house and I was told she could stay in my room only.  She stayed in my room for several days.  I mainly slept on the floor and no "funny business" (the only thing a girl is really good for) happened during her stay unfortunatly. We did get along during the time though.  After her stay she left back to Utah but did leave me her phone number and said if I was in Utah for some reason I could stop by for a visit.  After a few months and no girlfriend I started calling "C" on the phone.  She was always busy and had little time to talk. She also seemed to have very few good things to say about her (I did mention she had one?) boyfriend. It was after a few calls I decided she wanted me.  Real bad. I started to pack my things and tried gettings some of my friends to agree to ship me my tools after I move. I tried telling "C" I was coming out there but she kept saying "now" wasn't a good time. I also began to realize that it was going to cost me real money to move out there. I planned this for months but finally I found a girlfriend located within $2 of gas (driving distance) and "C" never told me when it was a good time.  I think she felt it would have been difficult after she moved in with her boyfriend but I guess I'll never know.

The Free Computer

I have wanted a computer for a long time (I have to use a friend's or at work) even though I really do not understand them. The biggest problem is they always seem to cost money. Finally I had my chance. I would finally join the Internet community. A friend managed to "find" a decent looking computer for me at a depository (aka dumpster) located behind a school. Was it maybe one of those Pentiums? A 486? I had it for several weeks as the excitement mounted. I asked a friend to look at it and also because I did not get a monitor or cables. He said it was a 286.  It had a 40MB drive, 5.25" floppy and 512k memory. It also was missing most of the screws that held it together. I was told the bad news.  It could not run the Windows stuff and still needed other parts (costing money) to get it on the Internet. I have many friends searching the big green  stores (dumpster) for another computer that will have all I need. As long as it does not cost money. I still will have another problem. I was told it would cost me money to "call" the Internet. Can someone tell me if that is true? I do not want to pay for that....


I had this girlfriend (we'll call her "D") that I had been dating for about a year. She was a single mother of a small five year old boy. She also had (still has) little money as she could only work part-time and had virtually no skills. Now during one winter I used a four-wheel-drive truck I owned to get around. It was great for driving in the snow. During that winter we had a huge snow storm.  It was on that day that I called "D" to tell her how well my truck was handling while others were slipping and sliding. She asked me if I could do her a favor as she would have trouble getting her car out of her apartment complex.  "D" asked me to go to the store (which was on my way from where I was coming from) and purchase some milk and a loaf of bread. I said okay and my truck zipped through snow and ice with no problems all the way to "D"'s home. I knocked on the door "D" answered and I handled her the bag of milk and bread. She thanked me
for not making her drag her and her child into the dangerous streets with her car. In return I streched my hand and asked for the two dollars and thirty-six cents ($2.36) for the groceries. "D" went and got her handbag. She handed me two dollar bills and a quarter. I waited for several minutes as she did not have any more change in her wallet.  She found the 11¢ (a dime and a penny) in her son's piggy bank. I still do not understand why, but she got very angry with me after that. She would not even talk to me for about two weeks after that. If someone can explain why she got so bent out of shape please E-mail me with an answer.

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