Contact Form 7 – Add CAPTCHA

To decrease receiving spam through your Contact Form, you need to add CAPTCHA protection. This adds the cryptic code you must enter on many websites today including on this website’s contact page. This is intended for sites specifically using the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin.

1) You will need to install the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin.

2) You must go to the Contact Admin page within wp-admin. Edit the intended Contact Form and use generate tag. You will then want to add code similar to the following within the form itself except for using the numbers from the generate tag results:

<p>[captchac captcha-464 fg:#00ff00 bg:#000000]
Enter the code from above
[captchar captcha-464 4/4]

NOTE: The reason for adding the colors (foreground & background) is to make the code more visible. Your choice of what to use or leave off but, just a suggestion. After you save the form you should now have CAPTCHA protection.

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Calendar Plus

NOTE: If you have problems using Calendar Plus, please let us know! It works for hundreds of websites and will work for you. Should you have an issue we provide quick Free support. Just post in the Forums on here or the Official WordPress Forums at We are on several times each day.

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

The installation is extremely simple and straightforward. It only takes a second.


1.Upload the whole calendar directory into your WordPress plugins directory.
2.Activate the plugin on your WordPress plugins page
3.Configure Calendar using the following pages in the admin panel:

Calendar -> Manage Events

Calendar -> Manage Categories

Calendar -> Calendar Options

1.Edit or create a page on your blog which includes the text {CALENDAR ID} with the calendar ID you want posted and visit the page you have edited or created. You should see your calendar in action. If you want multiple calendar categories (as example categories 1-4) in the Calendar use the shortcode {CALENDAR 1,2,3,4} and if only a single category as example: {CALENDAR 2} Please do not confuse Calendar categories with Post categories. They are different.

Common Issues & Solutions:

  • You must have the function call wp_head in your header.php or you will see the shortcode instead of a calendar.
  • You must specify an ID in the shortcode.
  • The category ID must contain an event.
  • The CALENDAR shortcode must be in ALL UPPERCASE!!!
  • You can only use one calendar per page (feature in next version)
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Netxgen Quick Doc

List of Short Codes for NextGEN Gallery
Short codes are the piece of text which you add along with you text on your blog post or sidebars. Short codes can also be added inside the theme templates.

For a slideshow :[ slideshow id=x w=width h=height ]
For a album : [ album id=x template=extend] or [ album id=x template=compact ]
For a gallery : [ nggallery id=x ]
For a single picture : [ singlepic id=x w=width h=height mode=web20|watermark float=left|right ]
For a image browser : [ imagebrowse r id=x ]
To show image sorted by tags :[ nggtags gallery=mytag,wordpress,… ]
To show tag albums : [ nggtags album=mytag,wordpress,… ]

Create Special Effects using Short Codes in the template files
Short codes can be called from any theme template files, using do_shortcode template tag from the template files. Here are some examples

You can use this technique to create special flash headers with rotating images or create a showcase effect like here

Display Gallery view

[ nggallery id=1 template=galleryview images=0 ]

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Nextgen Documentation

After the plugin is installed and activated you will have a Top-level menu for Gallery in wp-admin near the bottom.

First create a gallery. This is a MUST! Then add images to it, and if desired add the gallery to an album. Then you’re ready to display them on your site. Of course, you don’t have to go through all those steps just to display images as there are several ways to display them.

The plugin uses shortcodes – also known as keywords or tags – in pages and posts to display images. NextGEN Gallery shortcodes are specified as a word enclosed in square brackets – [ and ] – followed by parameters describing what and how to display the images.
Inside a Page/Post within the content area, you place the desired shotcode such as

The documentation on Alex’s web site is pretty good, but there are a few things that aren’t described in full detail. I’ll try to include the tidbits I’ve learned here, and the title for each section is also a link to Alex’s page on that particular shortcode.

These shortcodes are built in to the NextGEN Gallery plugin:

•singlepic – Display a single image with options for displaying a reflection, a watermark, and for placing the image horizontally on the post/page.
•gallery – Display the images in a gallery.
•imagebrowser – Display the images in a gallery one at a time.
•slideshow – Display the images in a gallery one at a time with automatic advance.
•album – Display multiple galleries in a list.
•tags – Display images which have been tagged with specific tag values.
•albumtags – Display images in album format which have been tagged with specific tag values.
A number of others have provided additional shortcodes for viewing images.

•polaroid – Display images from a gallery as a stack of polaroid images.
•simpleviewer – Displays images from a gallery in a viewer from Airtight Interactive that shows thumbnails of the other images in the gallery below the image being displayed.
•tiltviewer – Displays images from a gallery in a viewer from Airtight Interactive that displays thumbnails tilted allowing zooming and flipping.
You will find more details on each shortcode in a separate article for each one

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PHPList Plugin

WebJunk PHPList brings PHPlist – to the WordPress world.
This plugin allows you to use a seperate installation of PHPList. We have integrated PHPList on over 500 websites.
This allows you to use PHPList with any other web application or even directly on the Internet. As a seperate install You can upgrade or reinstall WordPress with it never affecting PHPList. The version of PHPList is also not tied to a plugin. If needed you can move PHPList.
WebJunk PHPList displays the actual configurable subscriber page from PHPList so you are not limited to text only fields. Radio buttons, drop-downs are all possible. Anything used in PHPList directly will work within WordPress with this plugin.
Since PHPList is not dependant on WordPress at all, you can safely assign other administrators without having to assin them any privledges in WordPress.

Download this plugin HERE

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Split Sitemap

This is a PHP script that will split a Sitemap.xml.gz into smaller sitemaps. Google and other Search Engines have a limit of 50,000 URLs in a single sitemap. This script does nothing if you have less than 50,000 URLs. You can run this from a cron job.
Download Current Version Here

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Eliminate Notify Email

Eliminate Notify Email: (Version 1.00)
This WordPress plugin eliminates the New User notification e-mail from being sent to new users. Be aware, that you need to have a provision for giving new users a password. This does not disable the New User email notification that might be sent to admin if so configured.

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Add-on for Calendar Plugin

This is a drop-in upgrade to the Calendar plugin from Kieran O’Shea. This add-on gives two addional features:
1) You can limit the display of Calendars to a specific category.
2) You can use the {CALENDAX} tag to have other calendars that are smaller.

Will add some other features soon if they are not added to the plugin. Hope this helps those that need this functionality.


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New Version to be released!

Version 1.0 has only been out a few days but based on feedback and the number of downloads have decided to focus on a new verions. This will be much smaller and more conifgurable settings from wp-admin. Almost a complete rewrite. Very little of twentyten will be included to avoid some of its bugs. Expect by the weekend for release. 
 So should this be version 1.1 or 2.0? It was supposed to be a seperate theme but as it has the same features and appearance decided to make it a replacement for version 1.0.

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Webjunk Theme Available for Download

Have had the Theme working the past few days on a couple of our own websites. Now we are making the Webjunk Theme available for others. Please let us know what you think by commenting here.


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