If you wish to support my programming, anything you can do would be appreciated.

There are four ways to do this.

First, you can go to the plugin pages on WordPress.org and click on a few stars for the plugin rating, and check off the "it works" information. You might, if so moved, say a few nice words under reviews.

Second, you can link to this website somewhere on your blog. The incoming links help with Google searches.

Third, If you feel that you'd like to encourage me, you could buy one of my books. I write short stories for fun and I have sold about 50 stories to various magazines. The books are cheap and very interesting.

You can also donate a few dollars. Cash is a little short right now, so my wife convinced me to go the low road and ask for money. There are three levels of donations. First, at $2.50 you can support me. I like this level because it does not put any stress on you. I think everyone can afford this without any pain. Second, for those who think they owe a little more, I have a $9.99 level. This is for those who have money to burn and drive expensive sports cars. Last, there is the $29.99 level. I don't expect anyone to use this level, but there are possibly a few sysops with a company credit card, and an unlimited budget who might sympathize with a fellow coder and click this button.

You can pay using PayPal. All you need is a credit card. There is no account required. Just click and follow the instructions. You can request a refund and I will gladly comply.

Support Level PayPal
Level 1) $2.50
Grateful User
Level 2) $9.99
Generous Benefactor
Level 3) $29.99
Wealthy patron

For those of you out there that are a crazy as I am, I am offering the ability to make a donation bitcoins. I love the idea of bitcoins, but have, as yet, not found a use for them. If I had some, I would use them to donate to websites like mine.

Donate Bitcoins
If you sign up for coinbase using this link, I get $5 when you buy some bitcoins.

I would like to thank you for your support. The very best way to support me is to report all bugs, ask for enhancements, send me your ideas, and drop me a line of encouragement. I will not get rich writing plugins, so you can help me by adding to the fun of coding. I have spent the last 40 years writing programs. I started in 1969 writing FORTRAN on an old IBM 1400, and I have learned every cool language that has appeared since. Programming has given me a good life and I would rather write code than almost anything.

Buy My Books!

Error Message Eyes: a Programmer's Guide to the Digital Soul (paperback) - 15 Science Fiction stories of Computers, Robots, Programs and Algorithms.

Error Message Eyes (kindle).

Playing "Help-Me" In the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II: A step by step, note for note analysis of some of Sonny Boy's Signature Riffs (Paperback).

Playing "Help-Me" In the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II (Kindle).

Frogs in Aspic - 16 Strange tales by by Keith P. Graham. Weird stories of Ghosts, Souls, Love and the Psyche (Kindle).


Keith P. Graham